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C.V. Bakir Tanovic

History / Company profile

        Bosna Film d.d. Sarajevo was founded in 1983 as "Permanent Film Union Bosna Film" to grow later into a mixed stock corporation. This production film company, the first of the kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was founded with their own funds by recognized artists: Bakir Tanovic - film director, Mersad Berber - painter, Nedzad Ibrisimovic - writer, Milan Kosovac - film director, Adem Cejvan -actor, Suad Mrkonjic - film director, Vojo Sparvalo -actor and Ljubo Petek - sound technician.

        Thanks to the liberalization of communist regulations, at the Stockholder's Assembly which was held in Sarajevo on January 25,1990, Bosna Film was founded as a stock corporation. The corporation was legally registered in Sarajevo under U/I 2236/89. In that moment corporation had 858 stocks, 433 of them (or 50,46%) where private property. The rest of stocks was public-state property.

        On the end of 1999,  in the state wide privatization process, state owned stocks where privatized by group of Bosna Film workers led by director Bakir Tanovic.

        So in this moment Bosna Film d.d. is stock corporation, 100% private , owned by number of people.

Goals of the Film Corporation Bosna Film d.d.

        The corporation was founded with purpose to promote Bosnian film production by introducing new creative methods, by cutting production costs and introducing better organization as well as giving new opportunities to young authors in all fields of film production.

        In the period preceding the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina the mentioned goals were successfully achieved. At the time the corporation was active as producer of feature, documentary and animated films, as distributor of films and video cassettes, producer of spots and advertising materials and service company. In all these fields the company achieved significant success.


        Bosna Film has produced four feature films, Ada, Kuduz, Sex party enemy No.1, Belle Epoque,  and produced over 40  documentary , animated, and advertising films.

       1985 Bosna Film founded the first  Studio For Animated Film in  Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

            Besides two directors and screenwriters of feature films Ademir Kenovic and Dusan Sabo, number of names from other film professions like actors, animators,  drawers, cameramen, make-up artists, art directors, costume designers and others made their debut in films of Bosna Film. Among them stand out : Sahin Sisic, director of photography in "Sex , Party's Enemy No.1", and Snjezana Bogdanovic , actress in the leading role in "Kuduz".


In 1994 Bosna Film opened the first professional film theater in the besieged and shelled Sarajevo, where they showed films from Warner Bros as distributor for Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


Director : Mr. Bakir Tanovic

Secretary : Mr. Muhidin Karakas

Supervising Board : Nedzad Ibrisimovic - president, Husein Cuk, Muhidin Karakas

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