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The Film ďAda"

Production : Bosna Film d.d. Sarajevo , 1987  

Executive producer: Bakir Tanovic  

Written and Directed by:  Milutin Kosovac  

Director of photography: Mustafa Mustafic


Zoja Odak ,  ,Emir Hadzihafizbegovic ,

Vesna Cipcic,Bora Todorovic ,Velimir Bata Zivojinovic

Short summary

Ada, who is about thirty, is living with her husband Zdravko, a charming and ambitious physician with whom she has a son Zoran, over whom many dramatic situations are reflected. While Ada, a teacher of Latin and French, who is an honest and modest person, keeps trying to get employment in vain, her husband Zdravko succeeds in getting a grant for a specialized training in America, by using not quite decent means Ada stays alone with her son. She is assaulted by a powerful person, Martin, who offers her employment  under well-known conditions...

We witness the scenes of "indulgent life" of Martin's friends (elderly people) with young girls. His brother, a retired veteran, stands against that, bitterly disappointed with moral distortion of Martin's colleagues.

The film abounds in witty turns of events, sharp replicas, interesting characters from real life, played by well-known Yugoslav actors and actresses....

Ada is movie about our time, our moral and imoral, about dilemmas, truths and lies, about different generations and various layers of our society, about people pf flesh and blood, about destinies taken away from everyday life, about non-reconciliation with injustice.  


Mostra Internazionale del Film d'Autore, San Remo , Italy 

- Best Actress to Zoja Odak 



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