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"Sarajevo" / "In the name of Love"


Production : 

Bosna Film d.d. Sarajevo 

Liberman Reserch Worldwide


Bakir Tanovic, Arnold Fishman, 

Zdravko Mihalic, Hans de Weers,

Leo Pescarola

Director: Lance Hool 

Written by:  

Mirko Kovac, Nedzad Ibrisimovic

David Howard and  Robin Russin,    

Short summary

The motion picture with working title "In the name of Love" ("Sarajevo''), is a love story set in Sarajevo during the siege of the city. It portrays the heroic efforts of everyday people who fall in love while caught in the middle of a political conflict. The back-story presents the difficulties that individuals in situations like this must contend with --people on all sides of the conflict. who all have good intentions and believe they are on the right side. It is a story that will promote in the audience a better understanding of why good people could support a bad conflict. This is a movie that will promote the cause of peace and understanding.


This will be a high-quality, high profile film supported by Academy winning and nominated producers , Hans de Weers, Zdravko  Mihalic and well-known Italian producer Leo Pescarolo. The director is the award wining American Lance Hool, and the cast will include numerous well known international stars.





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