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The Film “Sex, The 1 Enemy of the Communist Party”



Production : Bosna Film d.d. Sarajevo , 1990  

Executive producer: Bakir Tanovic  

Written and Directed by: Dusan Sabo  

Director of photography: Sahin Sisic


Branko Vidakovic

Velimir Bata Zivojinovic  

Danilo Bata Stojkovic

Olivera Jezina 

Vojko Cavada

Gorica Popovic


Short summary

 This is a charming story on how sex can destroy any political organization including the rock solid Communist Party.   

 The film is set in the period during WWII and immediately afterwards, at the time of the birth of Tito’s Yugoslavia.  We follow our hero Pishta as he navigates trough life using his only skill, the ability to seduce woman!  The constant skirt chasing brings Pishta into unusual and funny situations from which he was able miraculously to come out as a hero. His heroism was quickly declared an accomplishment of the entire Communist party and our proven Casanova became a distinguished Comrade.

 In this easy flowing comedy, Pishta the “sex machine”, is prepared to sacrifice everything for a new adventure as nobody is able to straighten him out, neither abandoned girlfriends, desperate widows nor jealous husbands until the Party decides to handle him.  As in everything else, the Communist Party must remain an “Avant Garde” and show that its members are morally pure and innocent.



 So in the end we just have to wait and see whether the Communist Party will be able to handle Pishta or it would be the other way around…




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