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"The Shepherd"




Production: Studio Film , 

Sarajevo 1972  

Written and directed by: Bakir Tanovic  

Camera: Aleksandar Vesligaj


Adem Cejvan 

Fabijan Sovagovic

Suada Kapic

Husein Cokic

Toni Laurencic

Colour W /C , c, 2600 metres

Short summary

This is the ballad of a shepherd. The film is about misunderstandings and clashes between highlanders, who drive their herds to the plains in the autumn to keep them fed until spring comes and the plainsmen who forbid to do so.

The plainsmen have the law and authority on their side. On the side of the highlanders is only their acute need to survive and secure a livelihood by driving their herds to graze in the fields of Slavonia and Vojvodina. One republic prohibits this kind of migration, while the others does not. The plainsmen attack highlanders with rifles and clubs, and send them back to Bosnia aided by the police, but the herdsmen keep coming back. Milan and Steva, two brothers from Mount Vlasici, as well as other shepherds, stand to be deprived of their property , their livelihood and their very traditional morals. This is how their drama begins. The drama of the last herdsmen in the mountains and plains of the Balkans.


(Ex) Yugoslav Film festival Pula 

Film  festival Olbi - Italy

"6 April" - Award of city of Sarajevo   


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