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Love and Rage
The Shepherd


Bakir Tanovic , Historian , Film Director and Film producer

Director of Bosna Film d.d.


Personal data

Born on December 17, 1930 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Married, has two grown up sons, daughter in laws and two grandsons.


1949  graduated from the First Men's Gymnasium in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1956  he got degree in historical sciences at the University of Sarajevo, Liberal Arts College, History Department

Working Experience

1949 - 1964 Bosna Film and Studio Film, Sarajevo ; Assistant Cameraman, Cameraman, Screenplay-writer and D.O.P.

            1960 One of promoters of the company for documentary films: Sutjeska Film, Sarajevo

1964-1983 Screenplay-writer and Director in film companies Sutjeska Film and Studio Film;

            1983 Promoter of a new Bosna Film with a group of film workers and artists: Mersad Berber, Adem Cejvan, Nedzad  Ibrisimovic, Milan Kosovac and others.

1983 - 2001 Director of Bosna Film , Sarajevo

            1984 Together with several associates promotes the first studio for animated film in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1983 - 1997 Bosna Film produces several important feature, documentary and animated films, which are awarded numerous awards at home and abroad.

1992 - 1993 Head of the Film Archives of the Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Important Achievements and Awards

Belgrade festival of Documentary Film: First Prize for Photography to the film "Smile 61"; 

Numerous awards for Best screenplay and Best director of documentary films at the Belgrade Festival of documentary Film.

He was also awarded for his documentaries at international film festivals: Leipzig and Oberhausen -  Germany; Krakow - Poland; Cannes , Section for Youth film - France; Chicago - U.S.A.

Among the documentary films which stand out as special achievements in the category of best screenplay and best director are the following:

"Caisson Workers", "Name of the Man", "Muhadziri", "Insignia of the old Bosnian State", "Everything Written Down " (A film about Gazi Husrev- beg Library , founded in Sarajevo in 1537), "Stone Sleeper" (Screenplay by Mehmedalija - Mak Dizdar)

His original work on the feature films includes screenplay sand directing of the films:

"The Sheperd" ,"Love and Rage"  , "Omer Pasa Latas", "Huska Miljkovic" (the later two screenplays were never filmed due to political reasons) 

As director of feature film "Shepherd" he was awarded the following prizes:

-Yugoslav Film Festival in Pula; Award by city of Sarajevo, Film Festival in Olbi , Italy.

Mr.Tanovic is author of several articles and essays on history of Bosnia and Herzegovina . He is also author of the history book "Who is owner of Bosnia and Herzegovina", Enimex, Croatia 1995.



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