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    Bosna Film d.d.

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New projects
Sex partijski


        In  the pre war period from 1984 until 1990, Bosna Film has produced four feature films:

1987  "Ada", Screenplay: Abdulah Sidran, Director: Milan Kosovac

1989 "Kuduz", Screenplay: Abdulah Sidran, Director Debutante: Ademir Kenovic

1990 "Sex, Party's Enemy No.1", Screenplay and Director Debutante: Dusan Sabo

1990 "Belle Epoque" Screenplay and Director : Nikola Stojanovic (still not finished) 

Bosna Film is currently from working on project "Sarajevo" - "In the name of Love"

Cartoons and documentaries

         1985 Bosna Film founded the first Studio For Animated Film in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where computer animation is developed together with the classic animation. In the Studio made their debut a number of young authors, like Nedzad Begovic - director, Midhat Ajanovic - caricaturist, Darko Predojevic - animator and  director, Drasko Turcinovic -drawer, Azeulu Bacvic - director and others.

         In the period between 1985 and 1992 Bosna Film produced 40 documentary and advertising films.

        Following animated films where awarded at festivals in Krakow, Tempere, Belgrade and Podgorica.:

"EKG", "Insomania" by Nedzad Begovic, 

"Ikarus" by Midhat Ajanovic

"I'm telling you a story" by Darko Predanic

Documentary films with special success are: 

"Muhadziri", a feature lenght documetary film about a century long emigration of Bosnjacs to Turkey , by Bakir Tanovic

"The Last Waltz", a documentary film about AIDS by Nedzad Begovic


        Bosna Film first experience was co production for  a 6 episode TV mini-series "Alis and Zejnep" 1984, made in cooperation with the Turkish Television TRT from Ankara. Due to the exceptional success of the series in Turkey, the President of republic of Turkey, Mr. Turgut Ozal, congratulated Bosna Film through diplomatic channels.


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