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    Bosna Film d.d.

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Awards  and recognitions of merit          

        Projects which where produced by Bosna Film has received more than 25 Ex-Yugoslav and International awards and recognitions. home and abroad.

Film "Ada"

Mostra Internazionale del Film d'Autore, San Remo , Italy - Best Actress to Zoja Odak 

Film "Kuduz"

European award "Felix", Paris, France - Special award for the spirit of the film coming from Sarajevo

Yugoslav Feature Film Festival , Pula ,Croatia:

"Big Silver Arena" , producer's award

"Studio's stag", awarded by the audience

"Golden gate of Pula", awarded by the audience

"Golden wreathe", awarded by the critics

"Golden gladiator", special award

Recognition of Merit for Best Actress to Snjezana Bogdanovic

Film Festival Vrnjacka Banja, Yugoslavia: 

Award for Best Screenplay to Abdullah Sidran

Film Festival, Herceg Novi: 

ward for Best Director to Ademir Kenovic

Film Festival , Nis, Yugoslavia:

"Grand Prix", for Best Actor to Slobodan Custovic

"Empress Teodora",  for Best Actrees to Snjezana Bogdanovic

Award for Best Small Part Actress to Radmila Zivkovic

Awards for Animated films

"EKG", "Insomania" by Nedzad Begovic, 

"Ikarus" by Midhat Ajanovic

"I'm telling you a story" by Darko Predanic

Awarded at festivals in Krakow, Tempere, Belgrade and Podgorica.

Documentary films with special success

"Muhadziri", a feature length documentary film about a century long emigration of Bosnjacs to Turkey , by Bakir Tanovic

"The Last Waltz", a documentary film about AIDS by Nedzad Begovic


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