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"Love and Rage"


Production : Sutjeska Film 

                      Kinema Sarajevo  1978

Screenplay and direction: Bakir Tanovic  

Director of photography: Danijal Sukalo


Viktor Starcic

Merima Isakovic

Adem Cejvan 

Dragomir Bojanic - Gidra

Color: 35 mm, Wide screen

           Eastman Kodak , 2599 mm

Short summary

In 1937 author Novak Simic wrote the story "Observation of Simeunovica and Ahmed Jusuf" on which the screenplay for this film is based. The action in this film occurs at the beginning of the 19th century, in the vicinity of Sarajevo, where a group of bandits, led by Harambas, captures merchant Simeun and his traveling companions. While Harambas questions them, in search of ducats which the merchant Simeun allegedly has in his possession, we, through the confession of those present, learn of the history of young woman married to the aged and wealthy merchant Simeun, who, in her husband's absence, becomes involved in a brief love affair. Fearing revenge from people in the town as well as the penalties which were, for adulterers, very brutal at that time - pulled apart through limns, being tied to horses - she feigns "rage".

The husband, unhappy and in love, takes her to a herbal healer, as well as to friar a monk and Moslem priest, where he fails to find real help and salvation. On advice, in the end he  goes to Ahmet Jusuf, an ex-soldier, and experienced man who withdrew from the world, and whom people, through a need to provide and explanation for everything, proclaimed  a miracle maker and "holy man". Ahmet, suspecting the truth about the young woman, persuades the merchant to sell his riches and go with her into the world, a great distance from the business district.

    In this way , Ahmet Jusuf wished to save Simeunovica and himself from temptation and long-dead emotions which the beautiful and young woman, who, it seems, experienced true love for the first time, escape from her destiny which was dictated  by tradition and long -forgotten time.



 Adem Cejvan                                       Merima Isakovic



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